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Beginning Guitar Workshop series
Vivian Green, Jules Benzinger, and Rorika Loring
Saturdays @12pm, starting May 31st

Vivian Green, Jules Benzinger, and Rorika Loring are going to start their first joint workshop this Saturday, May 31st at 12pm. The workshop is a 4 week session of learning beginning guitar. This workshop series is going to be perfect for kids who want to start playing, parents who want to learn with their children, and anyone looking to get their first steps towards becoming a guitarist. Vivian, wife of John Green (owner of the Fifth String), has been playing guitar and teaching children at the shop for several years. Jules Benzinger is a local artist performing in her band, Sea of Bees. You can visit her website at

The workshop is $100 but first session of this workshop will be FREE for those who wish to attend and see if they'd like to continue. So come by for the first session with your guitar for free and pay following week if you'd like to continue.

Workshop Series with John Green
$100 Sliding Scale for a 4 week course
Saturdays from 11am-12pm+
Includes: Flash drive and written materials
Sign up: (916)442-8282

Sign up for a four week workshop series with John Green for a month's worth of workshops starting October 5th at 11am. We know that times are difficult for a lot of people so this series is on a sliding scale from $100 to $50 to give an opportunity for those who might not be able to afford the full $100. This series will be similar to the previous free workshops but will cover more in depth fingerstyle and hybrid style guitar. Most importantly these techniques will be tied closely to basic music theory ideas that will help you create your own melodies and chord progressions. With the workshops comes a free flash drive prepared with the current lessons and written material. Call the Fifth String soon the sign up at (916)442-8282.

The Fifth String teaching staff offers instruction in just about every style. From the great flatpick licks of Clarence White, David Grier, and Tony Rice, to the fingerpicking styles of Mississippi John Hurt, Mark Hanson, and Pat Kirtley to the banjo of Earl Scruggs and mandolin of Bill Monroe. Irish, blues, bluegrass, contemporary, rock, jazz, and country - we love and play it all. Our studios are spacious, clean, and well ventilated to provide a very comfortable learning environment. We have brought together the best team of teachers in the Sacramento area with one goal in mind:

"To provide the highest level of professional instruction possible in a comfortable and relaxed environment, while most importantly, making it fun to learn music."

Call 916/442-8282 for detailed scheduling information.
Store Hours:
Monday - Thursday, 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Fridays, 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturdays, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sundays, Closed

We now offer online acoustic guitar lessons. offers a proven, systematic approach to learning traditional bluegrass styles and techniques. Our process has been forged over 25 years of in-person instruction as Sacramento, CA's renowned Fifth String Music Store.


Sherman Baker




Sherman is one of Sacramento's respected Singer-Songwriters. He has performed in many area venues and opened shows for Richard Thompson, Country Joe McDonald and Mark Eitzel (AMC).
He teaches beginning to intermediate Rock, Country, Folk and Blues styles on both acoustic and electric guitar.





Joseph Gibbs




Joseph Gibbs is an in demand working musician. As a bassist he has worked with too many artists to mention in many genres on both a local and national stage. Well versed in rock, country, reggae, funk and most styles of popular music with a passion for making others better; he strives to make the learning process fun, teaching you what is going to make you a better bassist, musician and band mate.  You will learn, theory, ear-training, and groove, as well as what it means to be a bassist.





Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly
Having played for over twenty years, Mike teaches electric bass like no other person in town. With limited eyesight he has developed one of the areas best ears and has become a very sought after bass player for his ability to play almost any kind of music. He teaches in any style from funk to country, jazz to rock and has produced some of Sacramento's best young players. Mike has the ability to explain bass in a manner all his own, helping the bass player learn and understand the rhythm techniques unique to the various styles of music.

Having played with the likes of the Michael Gregory Jazz Band, Mercy ME and many others, Mike emphasizes the need to understand and play many different styles of music and encourages the student to explore them all.

From beginner to advanced, Mike is the kind of bass player that will inspire you to be the best bass player you can. No better player in this town.

Peter Kett



Born in England, Peter has been playing guitar for over thirty years while teaching for twenty. His main area of expertise is in the styles of folk, rock blues and fingerpicking. A lover of all styles he is also adept at teaching beginning bluegrass flatpicking, classical, country, slide and open tuning. Pete has AA's in theory, songwriting and performance, and has nearly completed a BA in music from California State University, Sacramento. Lessons can be taught with standard notation, tablature or by ear. Pete has taught at the Fifth String for over ten years, and has become the best at teaching young children (ages 6 and above) and has developed a guitar instruction method with an approach of his own for teaching minors that have shown to be very successful.

To quote Pete, " I make a point of teaching the student what they want to learn, not just what I can teach. However while teaching the student the songs they like, I also introduce and teach a set curriculum for beginning and intermediate students. My intention is to help the student become a well-rounded and versatile musician".


Julie Meyers



From the time she was born, music was always a prominent fixture in Julie's life. Growing up in a family where everyone played a musical instrument, it was only natural that at some point she would gravitate towards music and attempt to join in the noise. Julie began writing songs at 14, was fronting her first rock band at 15, and by the time she graduated high school, had racked up countless hours of performances in local bars, coffee houses, talent shows, and everything in between. After graduating summa cum laude from Berklee College of Music with a degree in songwriting, Julie moved to Sacramento in 2001 to further pursue her musical endeavors. She began teaching voice lessons in 2003 in trade for some more advanced guitar lessons, and a new passion for teaching was ignited. Alongside voice lessons, Julie also teaches acoustic and electric guitar, piano, and electric bass. She teaches students of all ages and levels, and tries to help her students not only achieve their personal best on their instrument, but also to have fun!





Steve Randall




Another proud addition to our teaching staff is Steve Randall. It would be silly, and far too space consuming, to list off the number of groups he's played with but it's basically a who's who of Sacramento pop and alt-country acts. Currently Steve is performing every wedesday with Richard March at the Americana Ramble at Marilyn's on K street. Anton Barbeau and the Arlenes are two more of Steve's currently active groups. Maybe one of the reasons he is so sought after is that he is an outstanding guitarist, well versed in all styles. That's him on the left there holding the award he recently recieved for being named the best guitarist in Sacramento. No argument here, we're glad to have him on board.




Dave Shapiro






Dave graduated from Berkeley School of Music with an emphasis on jazz composition.  Dave has a vast wealth of experience and knowledge and has played with Bela Fleck and various other groups and styles.  He also teaches bluegrass guitar, banjo, and mandolin and is a very accomplished player in all respects.  Check out his current project, West of Next at



Steven Ward

steven ward





Steven teaches beginning classical guitar, rock guitar, metal and beginning cello.  Steven plays local gigs as a solo classical performer and with his heavy metal band, Legion's Requiem. 


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